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Secret Of Stonehenge Revealed?

Visitors to Stonehenge have forever wondered, “How did they do that?” Now one man may have discovered the Secret Of Stonehenge. Wally Wallington is not a scientist or an engineer. He’s just a retired construction worker who is fascinated by the challenge of moving large items. Take a look at the video he…

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Thar She Blows! Will Alaska’s Mount Redoubt Soon Erupt?

Scientists and vulcanologists seem to be in agreement that the eruption of Alaska’s Mount Redoubt is imminent. The question is not if there will be an eruption but when it will happen and how strong it will be. Redoubt has a long history of documented eruptions. The most recent occurred in 1989-90 and…

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Nikolai Tesla’s Dream Of Free Energy For All May Soon Be A Reality

Nikolai Tesla was one of the world’s greatest inventors. Born in 1843 in Croatia, Tesla emigrated to the U.S. in 1891 at the age of 35 and immediately set up a lab in New York, where he began research in the fields of electromechanical engineering and electromagnetism, among others. Tesla is said to…

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