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Misol Ha and Agua Azul – Two Very Different Waterfalls in Chiapas, Mexico

I’d spent the last half-hour fighting nausea brought on by curvy mountain roads when my tour van finally pulled into the parking lot at Misol-Ha Waterfall. I briefly considered dropping to my knees and kissing the hot, motionless asphalt, but tour guide hurried me along, as this was only a 40-minute stop. Instead,…

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How to Protect Against Hotel Door Hacking

Just in time for my trip comes this video about hotel door hacking and how to protect against it:

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Two Tips for Safe Driving in Bad Weather

Since we’re all driving more and flying less, I want to pass along two very interesting safe driving tips that were emailed to me yesterday. WEAR YOUR SUNGLASSES WHEN DRIVING IN A HEAVY RAIN: During a heavy downpour, visibility is bad, even with the wipers on high. Wearing your sunglasses will vastly improve…

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Obnoxious Safety Equipment And Other Construction Tales Of Woe

I was lying prone on the table, blissed-out in the middle of my massage, when it began. The backup alarm on a construction vehicle began to sound – beep – Beep – BEep – BEEp – BEEP! I know the alarm must have been sounding at a constant level, but it was so…

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Never Keep All Your Money In One Place

I’ve learned the hard way never to keep all my money in one place when traveling, not even when I have access to an in-room safe. On more than one occasion, my room safe has failed. In each instance, I was amazed how easily hotel staff could access a master key and how…

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My Experience In Zimbabwe, One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Countries

A few days ago, Forbes Magazine released their 2008 list of the top ten most dangerous travel destinations in the world. Among them, in position #9, was Zimbabwe, Africa. I am extremely familiar with the problems in Zimbabwe, since it was one of my destinations during my around-the-world trip last year. I had…

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