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A “Suite” Experience at Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

My bed said it all. Using pieces carved from dried palm leaves, the housekeepers at Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort and Spa had meticulously spelled out “Ia ora na” across my king-size mattress. They added a dash of color with fresh flowers plucked from the garden and sweetened the offering with two bars of…

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Aegean Airlines Fails at Customer Service – Fly Them at Your Own Risk

I pulled my Eagle Creek 22″ 4-wheeled suitcase off the luggage carousel at the Cyprus airport, set it upright, and spun it around to make sure everything was OK. I’d used that suitcase constantly over the past two plus years and it had held up incredibly well, so I didn’t expect to find…

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Perfect Travel Gear from Eagle Creek Luggage

As a perpetual traveler with no permanent home I live out of a suitcase, so I’m constantly searching for the perfect luggage and accessories. I began blogging and traveling for a living more than seven years ago at age 54. Initially, I chose an Eagle Creek wheeled backpack that had a zip-off day…

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George of the Jungle and the Bangkok Tree House

There’s a kitschy movie playing in the lobby of Lub-d Silom Hostel, George of the Jungle. The antics of the apes and toucan are making me laugh, but also reminding me that a week ago I was happily perched in my own private jungle tree house. Unlike George, I wasn’t in the deepest,…

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime – Zazen Resort and Spa on Koh Samui Delights

On the day I departed from The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Pha Ngan, the seas were again too heavy for the Koh Samui ferry to pick guests up from the beach, so we climbed into an inflatable rubber boat for the short ride to the larger boat, waiting out in the bay. As…

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The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Pha Ngan Doesn’t Live Up to its Reputation

For my very first trip to Thailand in 2002 I chose a week-long Yoga retreat on Koh Phra Thong, a little-known island in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of the country, and Yoga has been part of every subsequent trip. So as I made plans to return to Thailand for the…

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