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Hacienda Xcanatun – An Oasis of Tranquility in Mexico’s Yucatan

I followed the bellman down a long covered portico, where lustrous marble floors gleamed like polished bronze in the slanting rays of a late afternoon sun. At the end of the terrace he stopped before a massive set of wooden doors and jiggled a large metal skeleton key in the lock. Shifting my…

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Ritz-Carlton Reserve Opens Phulay Bay Resort in Thailand

When someone learns that I am a travel writer, the next question out of their mouth is usually, “What’s your favorite travel destination?” It’s a question that’s almost impossible to answer. There are so many incredible places in the world, and every destination has a different allure. I adore Italy for its passionate…

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Stylin’ at the Marriott Beach Resort in Beautiful Curacao

What sets one resort apart from its competitors? A great location is always preferable. The physical condition of a property is also a factor. But for me, the most important quality is customer service and the proper training of staff. I am pleased to report that the Marriott Beach Resort and Emerald Casino…

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Help Me Win a Trip to French Martinique

Last week I was one of only 25 bloggers invited to submit a story about my most humorous travel experience to the website of the French government tourist office. Once the stories are posted, the public is invited to read them and vote for their favorite. Voting automatically registers participants for a chance…

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