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Gettting Around On Public Transportation in New York Is About To Get A Little More Complicated

In recent decades, major sports teams have been selling naming rights to their stadiums. San Francisco’s historic Candlestick Park was renamed 3-Com Stadium, the Arizona Diamondbacks play in Bank One Ballpark, and Heinz Stadium is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bowl games sell corporate sponsorships (i.e.: the 96th Rose Bowl Game Presented by…

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President Obama Announces Plan For High Speed Rail In America

During a recent visit to France, President Obama said, “I am always jealous about European trains. And I said to myself, ‘Why can’t we have high speed rail in America?’” The same question occurred to me when I traveled around the world in 2007. I was astounded by the public transportation systems in…

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The Maglev Train – Could We Build It In The U.S.?

On my recent trip around the world I made a “Best Of” list as I traveled, whimsically thinking that if I could combine these qualities from other countries with what I believe to be the “Best Of” the USA (technology, music, entertainment), it would be my own personal Shangri-La. Australia had the best…

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