The Secret Erotic Art of Pompeii and Herculaneum

Italy-Naples-National-Archaeological-Museum-Secret-Cabinet-erotic-sculpture Pan copulating with a goat

On a fine afternoon in 1752, word reached King Charles III of Bourbon that his royal archeologist, Karl Weber, had discovered a treasure trove at Herculaneum. Sometime earlier, his excavation tunnels had brought to light the luxurious residence that would later be dubbed the Villa of the Papyri, however on that particular day his tunnels … Read more

PHOTO: Plaster Casts of Bodies Found While Excavating Pompeii, Italy

Plaster casts of bodies found during excavations of Pompeii. These were discovered in the Macellum, a large marketplace located aside the Forum

During the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, ash rained down on and covered the city. Encased in the super-heated material, bodies were totally incinerated, leaving a cavity in the cooling ash. Archeologists poured plaster into the cavities to form plaster casts of bodies in Pompeii. Those shown here were discovered in the Macellum, … Read more