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Galway, Ireland – City of Music

Of all the Irish cities I visited this spring, it was Galway that most captured my heart. It’s small enough to be walkable, has a quirky Latin Quarter, plenty of history, lovely parks, and a fantastic waterfront. But what most impressed me was the music in Galway. It poured from every pub, and…

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PHOTO: Wall of Fame at Grant’s Lounge in Macon, Georgia

Click on title to view photo in large format: The Wall of Fame at Grant’s Lounge in Macon, Georgia. It may look like a hole in the wall, but the photo gallery at Grant’s Lounge (sadly, closed since my visit) attested to the many greats that have performed there over the years. We…

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The Ghosts of Georgia Music

On the way to the airport, my shuttle driver pulled over to the curb in downtown Atlanta. In the pre-dawn dimness, the blood red bulbs of the historic Fox Theater blinked slowly off and on. Directly beneath the marquis, purple balloons and flowers lay in a huge heap on the sidewalk. Just a…

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The Art of Cuban Culture

His real name is José Fuster, but in the hood he’s known as the “Picasso del Caribe.” It was easy to see how he got the nickname Picasso of the Caribbean. From the top floor of Proyecto Fuster, I gaped at acre upon acre of art that Fuster had created, using millions of…

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An Ideal Holiday Destination: Poznan, Poland

Poland wasn’t even been a blip on my radar when I decided to wander around Eastern Europe this year. I knew I’d be visiting the Czech Republic, after which I intended to continue to Slovenia, Croatia, and points south, but when Prague turned into a giant disappointment I began to rethink my route….

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