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TripAdvisor Top Ten Hotels Priced Under $19 Per Night

This is no joke. TripAdvisor, one of the Internet’s most trusted sources for member reviews on attractions, accommodations, and restaurants, asked their members to reveal the top ten hotels priced under $19 per night around the world. The following two are at the top of the list; both are places on my travel…

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Benefits of “Roughing It” While Traveling Around the World

I have always enjoyed roughing it, whether I was in a tent in a National Park or some remote location half a world away where my sleeping accommodations consisted of a floating bamboo shelter with no running water or electricity. I enjoy this kind of traveling on a budget because my spiritual condition…

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Magic Fingers – A Blast From The Past

Give me a Mom and Pop motel over one of the ubiquitous chain motels any day! They are often dated to the point of being dilapidated and offer only the most basic amenities: a couple miniature bars of soap, two or three cellophane wrapped plastic cups, a few scratchy towels barely big enough…

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The Shortest Career in the History of the Hospitality Industry

Since my friends Bill and Angie Rapant, owners of the Cape Pines Motel on the Outer Banks, were good enough to take me in when I was essentially ‘homeless,’ I decided to pitch in and help them during their busiest week of the year. Although I offered to clean rooms or man the…

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Never Keep All Your Money In One Place

I’ve learned the hard way never to keep all my money in one place when traveling, not even when I have access to an in-room safe. On more than one occasion, my room safe has failed. In each instance, I was amazed how easily hotel staff could access a master key and how…

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Travel Safety Tips

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that I am a fearless solo female traveler. The bad news is that I am a fearless female traveler. I used to be fearless to the point of taking foolish risks, until a few years ago, when I was camping on the island…

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