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Tag: Millennial Generation

I Don’t Fit A Mold

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who’d recently been shopping for new bras. Because she hadn’t been professionally fitted for a number of years, she went to an upscale department store, where the saleswomen are trained to measure for the proper size and shape bra. The saleswoman told my friend that a…

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To Lament Or Praise The Millennial Generation?

On Thanksgiving Day I was sitting at the dinner table, trying to find room in my overstuffed stomach for the apple and pumpkin pies that our hostess was carving, when the subject turned to computers and technology. That led us to talk about a recent seminar sponsored by the NY Times where it…

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E-Paper And E-Ink – The Death Of Newspapers And Books As We Know Them?

As a baby-boomer I’ve long believed that I am part of the most powerful group of consumers in the history of the United States. With their huge numbers, baby-boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) have tremendous purchasing power and the ability to be market makers for products and services. Generation X ‘ers…

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