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Monumental Cemetery in Milan, Italy – An Open Air Sculpture Museum

When I prepared my Last Will and Testament some years ago, I included specific provisions that I wish to be cremated. I promised my sisters that if they put me in the cold, hard ground, I’d come back to haunt them. But a recent visit to the Monumental Cemetery in Milan, Italy, had…

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PHOTO: Arch of Peace in Milan, Italy, Ridicules Napoleon Bonaparte’s France

On March 17, 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies conquered northern Italy. Two months later, Napoleon had himself crowned at the Duomo di Milano, taking the title “Emperor of the French and King of Italy.” To commemorate his victory, Napoleon ordered a grand Arco delle Vittorie (Arch of Victory) to be built at the point…

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Joia Kitchen, an Exceptional Vegetarian Bistro in Milan, Italy

Chef Pietro Leemann discovered his passion early. When he was still a child, the great Swiss chef, Angelo Conti Rossini, brought a Charlotte Russe cake to a dinner at his home. He was only fifteen years old at the time and had no idea what he was going to do with his life,…

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PHOTO: Milan Cathedral (Duomi di Milano), in Milan, Italy

Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano in Italian) is the landmark for which the city of Milan, Italy is best known. The enormous Gothic cathedral was built of brick and faced with marble from the Candoglia quarry. Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo ordered construction to begin in 1386, but before long work stalled due to…

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