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Peacocks Take Center Stage in Coconut Grove, Miami

It all began with “CowParade,” a public art display of giant fiberglass cows hosted by the City of Zurich, Switzerland in 1998. Decorated by local artists and then displayed all over the city, the sculptures were ultimately auctioned off to benefit charity. The event was so successful and well-received that it became the…

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Want to Find the Real Miami Beach? Get to Know Its Artists

If you look hard enough, you can pierce the phony facade in even the most tourist-choked destinations. In south Florida, I finally broke through that barrier when I connected with the artists in Miami Beach. My first view of the art of Karim Ghidinelli was from a second floor balcony at the Art…

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Eye Candy Aside, Miami Beach Bears Little Resemblance to CSI Miami

Most of the time I arrive at a destination without preconceived notions, but Miami Beach was steeped in expectation. Thanks to the popular TV show, CSI Miami, I imagined exquisitely preserved art deco architecture, tropical weather, oiled body-builders with rippling muscles, exuberant Latin culture, and colors vivid enough to make your eyeballs hurt….

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I Won! I Won! I’m Going To Miami!

I am absolutely blown away! A while back I entered a contest being hosted by Travel Wonders of the World, one of my all-time favorite travel blogs. Travel Wonders had partnered with IHG Rewards Club, the program that allows members to accrue award points for stays at Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge…

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Kite Surfing In A Tropical Storm

All day, CNN has been featuring a video clip of a man who strapped himself into kite surfing apparatus on some Florida beach during tropical storm Faye. One 60 mph gust came along, picked him up, slammed him into the beach a couple of times, picked him up again, carried him across an…

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