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On The Road Again, Hungry And In Search Of Food

While it might seem simple to find food while driving down the Interstate, in my case the options are few, since I am vegetarian. At the moment I am traveling down I-20 in western South Carolina, examining the restaurant options at each exit, hoping beyond hope for something other than a diner, a…

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The Coffee Is Brewing And So Is The Battle

It seems everyone wants a share of the gourmet coffee market these days. Dunkin’ Donuts, which has for years dominated the blue-collar coffee market, is planning to open 15,000 new stores by 2016 in an effort to attract the more upscale, white-collar market of Starbucks. Starting this year, all 14,000 of the McDonalds…

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Wai Goodbye

It’s my last full day in Thailand and I did what any good Thai would do – I went shopping! Everyone knows that I am not much of a shopper, so it will really shock to learn that I spent eight hours at activity that I normally detest. At 11 AM my friend,…

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