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Lecheros and Danzon at the Zocalo in Veracruz, Mexico

Although I had been assured that it was not difficult to find last minute accommodations during Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo holiday, upon arriving in Veracruz I was informed that every single hotel room in and around the Zocalo was sold out. Initially, I was surprised, since Veracruz is hardly a prime tourist destination;…

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Going With the Flow, On to La Paz, Mexico

So much for my schedule. I knew it was going to be a fluid trip, I just didn’t know how fluid. First I killed time in Cabo San Lucas waiting for a casita to become available at the new Rancho Pescadero Resort near Todos Santos, Mexico in order to spend a few more…

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Stroll Along the Malecon in Mazatlan, Mexico

Hundreds of years ago, Mazatlan, Mexico, was founded as a fishing village on the north bank of a natural inlet from the Sea of Cortez. Over time, the city expanded northward from the inlet, and the protected deep-water lagoon beyond the inlet grew into a major port that is today utilized by cargo…

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