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Why I (Probably) Won’t Buy an Apple iPad

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Apple iPad because I was absolutely convinced it would be a “must have” product for me. As I watched the Keynote event where Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad this past Wednesday, I was initially very impressed. The sleek design and giant touchpad screen had…

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Funny Adult-Proof Packaging Video

So. I feel vindicated. I thought it was me. Or – perish the thought – my age. It is true that I find it virtually impossible to open a child-proof cap these days. Fortunately, I take no medicines. As for the aspirin bottle, which I must access once in a blue moon, well…

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The Unanticipated Effects Of Hurricane Faye

Hurricane Faye may not have amounted to much of a tropical storm, but her crazy energy certainly wreaked havoc in my life. Beginning on Saturday, things just started to go wrong for me. Think I’m exaggerating? Read on. I’d been putting off upgrading my blog to the new 2.6 version of WordPress (for…

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Cell Phone Nightmares

When I returned from my recent trip around the world one my first tasks was to get a new cell phone. The process of choosing a cellular service provider and phone turned out to be more frustrating than I expected. Since I expect to be doing a lot of traveling in the future,…

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