Living in the Lap of Luxury at Luang Say Residence in Luang Prabang, Laos

Main residence at Luang Say Residence in Luang Prabang, Laos

On day two of my cruise down the Mekong River, our white yacht eased up to the dock in Luang Prabang. Within seconds, a pack of urchins crawled through the windows and assaulted our luggage . My instincts were not fast enough; before I knew it a disheveled boy barely larger than my bag was … Read more

Rancho Pescadero Resort – An (Almost) Undiscovered Gem In Baja California, Mexico

I stepped from my casita and looked up into a night sky exploding with stars. They swirled and throbbed, so bright that I needed no flashlight to find my way. On the western horizon, Orion’s bow pointed me toward the open-air restaurant at Rancho Pescadero, while the Big Dipper hung low in the eastern sky. … Read more

Diva For A Day At The Ritz-Carlton In Palm Beach, Florida

After dinner, I stopped in the lobby to arrange for a 7:30 a.m wake up call the following morning. “We’ll be happy to do that, Ms. Weibel, and would you like a follow-up call 15 minutes later?” asked the woman behind the front desk. My jaw dropped open. I have always wondered why hotels don’t … Read more

My Love Affair With Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel

The seeds of my love affair with Chicago’s Palmer House were sown back in 1969. An anxious and giddy teenager, I was thrilled that the famous hotel had been chosen for my senior prom. I vividly recall stepping into the opulent lobby, with its Tiffany 24-karat gold chandeliers, majestic “Winged Angels” (the largest bronze statues … Read more