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The Universe Wants To Shower Us With Blessings

Today is all about my inner journey. Occasionally I need to be reminded of my own goals: to act authentically from a place of love, to help others whenever possible, to turn my life over to the Universe and follow the path that is set forth before me, and to be grateful for…

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Blogging Boomers Carnival #112 A Week Of Fascinating Articles

It’s my turn! I joined the Blogging Boomers Carnival a couple of months ago and this is my week to review what our boomers have recently been discussing. I always enjoy reading what’s on their minds, but this week my fellow boomers have outdone themselves with fascinating articles that you’ll definitely want to…

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Benjamin Zander’s TED Speech: Who Am I Being As I Go Out Into The World?

Benjamin Zander, conductor with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, spoke at TED recently. Beginning with an amusing discussion of classical music and what he calls “one-buttock playing,” his speech takes unexpected twists and turns that he connects with beautifully played Chopin. At the end of his remarks, Zander leaves us with a final, prophetic…

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A ‘Monumental’ Kiss on Valentine’s Day in Sarasota, Florida

The minister stood in front of the 70 couples who had gathered in Sarasota’s Bayfront Park and bid them rise and join hands. Solemnly, he discussed the sacrament of matrimony and then launched into the vows. A split second after they had all agreed to love, honor, and obey, an ambulance screamed by…

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Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time

If we’d all treat each other the way the girls in this video did, it would be a better world. It’s all about doing the right thing.

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Merry Christmas To All

The snow has finally stopped here in Illinois and the temperatures have finally climbed above zero; it’s now 12 degrees and expected to climb all the way to 28. The sun is even peeking through the clouds – just a bit, but enough to melt a little of the ice that has been…

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