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Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia – A Wonderful But Little Known Travel Destination

You won’t find any amusement parks at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. Nor will you find a wild party scene. You can windsurf on the lake, but this isn’t the adventure capital of the world, either. There are no aggressive in-your-face touts littering the town’s main square and even the handful of vendors selling Ohrid’s…

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PHOTO: St Clement and Panteleimon Church in Ohrid, North Macedonia

Macedonian Orthodox Church St Clement and Panteleimon sits high on a bluff overlooking Lake Ohrid in Ohrid, North Macedonia. It was built in 893 on the foundation of the early Christian basilica known as Plasonik.

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PHOTO: Lake Ohrid, the Crown Jewel of North Macedonia

Fishermen cast lines from a wooden boardwalk that follows the cliffs surrounding Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. I had never heard of this destination prior to my arrival in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, but from the moment I arrived, everyone insisted I must go to Lake Ohrid. I was so glad I…

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