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Negotiating Japanese Technology, or How to Use a Toilet in Japan

“Hey look at that! The taxi driver opened his door while he was driving down the street toward a passenger.” Matt, the 16-year old son of my traveling companions, Leanne and Tony Argyle, pointed out what turned out to be a neat bit of technology. In Japan, taxi drivers push a button to…

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Ghosts at the Bridge on the River Kwai

Like most people who have seen the 1957 film, any mention of the famous Bridge on the River Kwai conjures up images of leech-ridden swamps; a relentless, searing sun; and sweat-drenched prisoners marching back to camp in formation while whistling the Colonel Bogey March. With my knowledge admittedly stemming solely from the movie,…

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And You Thought TV Programming Was Bad In The U.S.?

After watching the video of this Japanese game show I’m going to think twice before I ever again complain about the poor quality of TV programming in the U.S. The video shows the newest game show craze in Japan. Ridiculous? Yes! But so ridiculous that it’s hysterically funny. I was sitting in the…

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