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Tag: Humor

A Rotten Person Travels The Caribbean – One Of the Funniest Travel Books Ever Written

A Rotten Person Travels The Caribbean by Gary Buslik, is an hysterically funny, make you choke on laughter, make tears run down your cheeks, novel about a lifetime of Caribbean travel. I actually met Gary Buslik – briefly – at a gathering of travel bloggers. For some unknown reason, he decided that I…

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Gettting Around On Public Transportation in New York Is About To Get A Little More Complicated

In recent decades, major sports teams have been selling naming rights to their stadiums. San Francisco’s historic Candlestick Park was renamed 3-Com Stadium, the Arizona Diamondbacks play in Bank One Ballpark, and Heinz Stadium is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bowl games sell corporate sponsorships (i.e.: the 96th Rose Bowl Game Presented by…

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Travel Back In Time With Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

I admit it. I sometimes carry the definition of travel to extremes. Hole In The Donut’s theme is “the inner and outer journey.” The outer journey – basically everything that has to do with travel – is broad enough to allow me to write about destinations, attractions, events, accommodations, and travel industry news….

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Hitchhiking Around The World

Author’s update: As of March 11, 2011, the Hitchhikers.org site seems to be down, but the Hitchhikers.org Facebook Page lists some alternate resources for hitchhiking. I have not checked into any of them personally and am not even sure that the Facebook Page is in any way related to the original organization I…

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Hysterical New Rule For Obese Airline Passengers in Canada

On January 10, 2008, the Canadian Transportation Agency passed the “one-person-one-fare” policy that prohibits Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, and WestJet from charging more than one fare for “persons with disabilities who require additional seating for themselves, including those determined to be functionally disabled by obesity for purposes of air travel.” The airlines…

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Speaking Of Traveling in India

The synchronicity of the world constantly amazes me. Yesterday I wrote about traveling in India, and today I receive an email from my friend, Dorothy, who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Dorothy and I became fast friends when we both attended a very special Yoga retreat in a remote area of central India a…

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