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Navigating A Midlife Crisis

A while back, my friend Laura Lee Carter over at Midlife Crisis Queen asked me to review the manuscript for a book she had just finished writing. Aptly titled, “Midlife Magic: Becoming the Person You Are Inside,” Laura Lee’s book treats us to the roller coaster ride that was her life, beginning at…

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Without Hope We Have Nothing

About a year ago, I wrote a story titled “Hopelessness Is Only One Letter Away From Hopelessness.” I have more interaction with homeless people than most, since I live in Sarasota, Florida, midway between the Salvation Army facility and downtown. Every day, dozens of homeless people walk downtown in the morning and return…

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National Epidemic Of Non-Feeling

A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with my friend, Rose. She invited a friend of hers to join us, as she thought we might share some common interests. Our lunch partner was a semi-retired doctor who practices part time in Texas, lives part of the year in Sarasota, and spends about…

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