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Proof That Cell Phones Are Dangerous To Your Health?

Check out this video of four friends testing the theory that their cell phones can actually be used to pop popcorn. If our phones are emitting strong enough microwaves to do this, what are they doing to our brains when we hold them up to our ear? I think I will be using…

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Rice Is My Friend

I love rice. I could eat it every day and be perfectly happy. In fact, when I travel to Asian countries, I live on a diet of rice and vegetables, sometimes for months at a time. When my diet is full of rice, I feel GOOD. I have tons of energy and I…

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Staying Healthy with Natural Remedies

I cringe every time I see another commercial for a prescription drug. In the first place, I think we are over prescribed and over medicated in this country. I believe doctors rely far too much on medicines that mask symptoms, rather than trying to discover and treat the root cause of the malady….

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