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PHOTO: View over Sint Veerleplein Square in Ghent, Belgium

Most visitors to Ghent, Belgium, will at some point wander through Sint Veerleplein Square, if only to walk through it on the way to Gravensteen Castle. My advice is to spend a little time in this square. Not only is it one of the oldest in Ghent, it is one of the most…

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PHOTO: Historic Buildings on Graslei and Korenlei in Ghent, Belgium

The view along the Graslei and Korenlei in Ghent, Belgium, is largely regarded to be the prettiest spot in the city. Ghent may be tiny in size, but it packs a tourism wallop. In 2008, National Geographic Traveler Magazine rated it the third most authentic destination in the world. That may, in part,…

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A Trio of Delights in Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent

Brussels: Famous for Beer, Chocolate, and Piss. Yes, Piss. As a little girl, I sat on my grandmother’s lap, fascinated by the tales she spun. I readily believed most of her stories, but the one about a famous statue in a city named Brussels, which featured a little boy taking a piss, seemed…

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