Hole In The Donut Featured On MeetPlanGo

I’ve added a new blog to my list of favorites – MeetPlanGo. Now, you might think that I’ve chosen it because the authors, Michaela Potter, Sherry Ott, and Michael Bontempi, recently published a feature article about me. Indeed, my initial introduction to it occurred when Michaela contacted me about an interview. But from the moment … Read more

Backpacker, Flashpacker, Or Gap-Packer?

Backpacker, gap-packer, or flashpacker

Things used to be so simple. Back in the day, we were backpackers. We carried all our stuff in a pack, on our backs. Period. Then life intervened. I grew up, got a job, made lots of money, and shifted into luxury mode for the next 20 years. When midlife stole in, I found myself … Read more

The Remarkable Mountains around Queenstown, New Zealand

Queensland New Zealand airport with Remarkable Mountains in background

I awoke from my mid-flight snooze when the plane began its descent toward Queenstown, New Zealand. We were flying over the red, brown and gold Southern Alps, their craggy peaks covered in fresh snow. The valleys between the peaks held a chain of lakes in their cupped palms. Formed of runoff from the Fox and … Read more