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Free Photo eBook – Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers – Available for Download

Nearly a year in the making, the new photo ebook “Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers” is finally a reality. As one of the 40 bloggers featured in the book I am happy to be able to offer my readers a free copy. New readers can receive the ebook by subscribing…

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Driveaway Cars – Like Driving Someone Else’s Automobile for Free

Don’t look now but the open road is calling. Faced with onerous security regulations, endless add-on fees, and uncomfortable planes that squeeze customers in like sardines, more and more travelers are opting for the highways rather than the skyways. Americans are rediscovering the joy of driving cross-country with the wind in their hair,…

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Free Directory Assistance From Google – A Boon For Travelers

Remember the days when you could pick up the phone, dial 411, and reach a directory assistance operator who would look up a number for you for free? No? Well, perhaps I’m showing my age…. These days, a directory assistance call costs money – last time I called 411 on my cell phone…

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