A Rocky Horror Virgin No More

Many years ago, in one of my previous incarnations, I was the marketing director for a large enclosed shopping mall that had a 10-plex theater attached to it. Although they screened the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday night, somehow I never managed to drag my butt into the theater at midnight to watch this … Read more

Randy Pausch On How To Live Life

Randy Pausch

Bob Dylan’s song, Blowin’ In The Wind, asked the question How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky? I have looked up and seen the sky in its million different moods. I have seen it without a wisp of a cloud to mar its pure cerulean blue. I have … Read more

Strange Goings-On In Point Pleasant, West Virginia

On a recent trip from Illinois to the Outer Banks of North Carolina I scrutinized the map, looking for the best route. There is no direct way to make this drive but with the help of Google Maps I found a new route that took me through Indianapolis, around Dayton, Ohio, and southeast on US … Read more

Farewell To Illinois Until My Next Family Affair

Were it not for the fact that my family lives in Illinois I would never go there. I believe that every person, place and thing has a unique frequency. As we interact with other people, places and things these frequencies come into contact with each other. Sometimes they resonate with one another and other times … Read more

On My Way Home

pure peace and contentment

I am sitting at the airport in Lisbon, Portugal, waiting to board my plane. This trip has been a wonderful adventure for me over the past six months. I don’t know why I was so driven to do it; I only know that it was extremely important for me. Perhaps I was feeling my mortality … Read more