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PHOTO: Scarlet Passion Flower Vine Climbs a Tree in Lamphun, Thailand

My jaw dropped when I discovered this brilliant red bloom on a tree in Lamphun, Thailand. It was the most astonishingly weird flower I’ve ever seen. “Alien” flashed through my mind. The pistil and anthers protruding from the lacy white center petals looked like eyes. I almost expected them to raise their spotted…

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Beauty, Beasts, and Bells at the Bok Tower in Central Florida

The sound of Bok Tower’s carillon bells was so mesmerizing that I did not notice the snake. I stood at the far end of the tower’s reflecting pond, enjoying the ethereal music, until suffocating midday heat drove me to the shaded concrete benches at the edge of the semi-circular clearing. Suddenly, a movement….

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Mighty Winds Make Me Restless

A cold front descended upon Sarasota yesterday, bringing with it strong winds that whipped up waves in the Bay and bowed the palm trees. For some reason, these winds made me restless. I’ve been working hard on several writing projects all week long and had promised myself that I’d take the weekend off…

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