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Florida Department Of Agriculture Shuts Down Microgreen Seller At Farmers Market

A sixty-two year old woman who earns half her income from the sale of sprouts and microgreens at the Sarasota downtown Farmers Market was shut down today by the Florida Department of Agriculture. The greens she sells are grown in sprouting trays on shelves on her screened porch. Each week she cuts the…

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Buying Local – Not As Easy As You Think

The older (or should I say more mature) I get, the more interest I have in environmental issues. Since moving to Sarasota I’ve become a fan of the Saturday morning Downtown Farmer’s Market, where local organic and traditional farmers sell fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Not only does everything that I buy here taste…

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A Day Of Just Plain Fun in Sarasota

My laundry is done. My bills are paid. The house is clean. I’m up to date on my blogging and the first chapter of my book is all but complete, so I decided to take today off and just plain have fun in Sarasota all day long. I started early, walking the six…

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Things That Make You Smile

I smile a lot these days. I wake up each morning with a smile on my face. I can’t wait to discover what the day has in store for me. As I go through the day I smile at everyone I meet and I find it’s infectious – even people who are seemingly…

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More Photo Tour of Sarasota

Check out the rest of my photo tour of Sarasota. The building below sits on the boundary between the Rosemary District and Gillespie Park, neighborhoods located just to the north of downtown. It houses the Rustic Grill Restaurant, which is reputed to be a great dinner spot. They’ve done a great job with…

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Yummmmm! ‘Nuff Said

I got up early this morning and walked five blocks to the Sarasota Farmer’s Market. This market is held every Saturday and is about four blocks long. Almost all of the produce offered is locally grown and the lion’s share is organic. It’s located next to Whole Foods Market, so if I don’t…

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