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Getting Around the Great Firewall and Other Frustrations in China

The “Sleeping Dragon” is wide awake and on the alert. After settling in to my hostel in Shanghai, I tried to connect to my blog. The connection was abysmally slow, but it was infinitely better than the connections to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, which were nonexistent. To my chagrin, I soon discovered that…

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Trazzler.com Brings A Dose Of Fun To Online Travel

“What’s your travel personality?” It seemed a simple question, but for the founders of Trazzler.com, it was one not being addressed by any existing online travel site. Despite the proliferation of travel reference sites filled with logistical information, voluminous tourist bureau propaganda, and requisite guidebooks written by a handful of writers who may…

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I Don’t Fit A Mold

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who’d recently been shopping for new bras. Because she hadn’t been professionally fitted for a number of years, she went to an upscale department store, where the saleswomen are trained to measure for the proper size and shape bra. The saleswoman told my friend that a…

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