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When Helping People, The Simplest Ideas Are The Best

During the past few years, I have frequently contemplated the issue of charitable giving. Every time there is a disaster of major proportion, we are called upon to donate. I listened to these pleas following 9/11 and the tsunami. Of late, the earthquake in China, the Myanmar cyclone, and the flooding along the…

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We’re Less Likely To Want To Kill Each Other When We Know One Another

Back in the late-80’s, just as the cold war was coming to an end, my Rotary Club participated in a program called “Soviets Meet Middle America,” sponsored by the Center for US-USSR Initiatives and the Soviet Peace Committee. The mission of the program was to bring American and Soviet citizens together “around the…

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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along Like Papillon and Finnegan the Squirrel

In the face of all the strife and hatred around the world, perhaps we should look to the animals for answers about how to live. Debbie Canton, who lives near Seattle, Washington, has often been called upon by friends to rescue animals. Her latest efforts involve a baby squirrel that neighbors found at…

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Taking The Genie Out Of The Bottle

Thirty years ago, Muhammad Yunus, a Banglaseshi economics professor, took thirty dollars out of his own pocket and loaned it to a group of women looking to start a business in a small Bangladesh village. Although critics said he would never be repaid, in fact he was repaid in full for this loan…

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Cory Booker’s Plan To Rescue Newark Has Tremendous Implications For Our Country

“I’m an American. That comes with an obligation. People are fighting to become citizens of the United States of America, willing to do whatever it takes, but we’re taking for granted what that legacy means.” So says Cory A. Booker, the 38-year old Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. The city is perhaps most…

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Living ‘Right’

Over the years, my Yoga and meditation practice has resulted in some pretty wild experiences, not the least of which was one instance when I felt the physical boundaries of my body dissolve and every molecule expand into space until I was one with all that is. For years I have also believed…

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