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George of the Jungle and the Bangkok Tree House

There’s a kitschy movie playing in the lobby of Lub-d Silom Hostel, George of the Jungle. The antics of the apes and toucan are making me laugh, but also reminding me that a week ago I was happily perched in my own private jungle tree house. Unlike George, I wasn’t in the deepest,…

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VIDEO: How to Cuddle with an Elephant Seal

Once in a great while I come across something so profoundly touching that I am compelled to share it. I was astonished by a video of a woman interacting with an elephant seal in Gold Harbour on remote South Georgia island, located in the South Atlantic off the east coast of South America….

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Hope in a Changing Climate – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in China, Ethiopa, and Rwanda

Efforts to improve the situation of indigenous peoples through restoration of the environment is one of the most intriguing stories to emerge from travel. One of the organizations doing important work in this field, the Environmental Educational Media Project, produced the documentary Hope In A Changing Climate, which promotes the enormous potential of…

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Southwest Introduces New Green Plane to Fleet

Southwest Airlines has always been one of my favorite carriers, a position which was recently reinforced when they refused to charge the onerous $100 checked luggage fee being levied by other airlines. My confidence in Southwest escalated another notch today when I learned a “green plane” is being added to their fleet. Environmentally…

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Florida’s Babcock Wilderness, Where Man and Nature Live in Harmony

Trinkets and souvenirs rarely interest me when I travel, but I find it almost impossible to pass by a farm stand selling local honey. Each of the half dozen varieties lining my kitchen shelves has a particular use: a thick, full-bodied Blackberry honey from the Virginia hills is best drizzled over fresh fruit,…

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Eco-Adventurer To Cross Pacific On Sailboat Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

David de Rothschild is a man on a mission – literally. Sometime this summer he and a crew of experts, scientists and creatives will sail 12,000 miles from San Francisco to Sydney in a sailboat made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled waste products. De Rothschild hopes the experiment, dubbed the Plastiki Expedition,…

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