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A Mexican Bingo Remembrance of My Mother

My mother would have loved this. Every year, when I’d visit for Christmas, Mom would drag me to Bingo at the local smoke-filled hall. Gleefully she’d buy a passel of bingo cards and press a packet upon me. I’d tape my eight or ten cards to the carved and chipped wooden table while…

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Going With the Flow, On to La Paz, Mexico

So much for my schedule. I knew it was going to be a fluid trip, I just didn’t know how fluid. First I killed time in Cabo San Lucas waiting for a casita to become available at the new Rancho Pescadero Resort near Todos Santos, Mexico in order to spend a few more…

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Stroll Along the Malecon in Mazatlan, Mexico

Hundreds of years ago, Mazatlan, Mexico, was founded as a fishing village on the north bank of a natural inlet from the Sea of Cortez. Over time, the city expanded northward from the inlet, and the protected deep-water lagoon beyond the inlet grew into a major port that is today utilized by cargo…

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El Centro – Heart and Soul of Mazatlan

To really discover Mazatlan one must leave the touristy “Golden Zone” along the town’s northern shores and venture into its historic old town. At its core is the lovely Moorish and Gothic style Cathedral Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion, which presides over Plaza Republica and calls the faithful to worship with a puzzling…

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