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Adventures with a GPS in Costa Brava, Spain

Everyone told me I wouldn’t need a map. Rental cars these days, they insisted, are equipped with GPS systems that would carry me right to the doorstep of my destination; I just needed to request a car with English language GPS. Argus Rental Car was more than happy to oblige. On the appointed…

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Mexicans Are Serious About Their Speed Bumps

If you decide to drive in Mexico, perhaps more than any other street sign you need to be aware of the ones that say “Topes”, or “Reductor de Velocidad,” both of which are usually accompanied by a graphic of two rounded mounds. These signs indicate a speed bump in the road, but unlike…

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Two Tips for Safe Driving in Bad Weather

Since we’re all driving more and flying less, I want to pass along two very interesting safe driving tips that were emailed to me yesterday. WEAR YOUR SUNGLASSES WHEN DRIVING IN A HEAVY RAIN: During a heavy downpour, visibility is bad, even with the wipers on high. Wearing your sunglasses will vastly improve…

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My Dad, My Car, a Grocery Store, and Winter Driving in a Snowstorm

I groggily emerged from my Dad’s guest bedroom around 8:15 this morning, after having slept less than four hours. “If  you want to go grocery shopping today, you have to be ready by nine o’clock because there’s a snowstorm on the way,” Dad announced. For the past week I have been driving through…

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