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How to Help Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Survivors by Giving to Japanese Organizations

My friend Todd Wassel was on the ground in Japan during the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami, visiting his wife’s family. Although his family was all safe and sound, they watched the news reports in horror as the tragedy unfolded. Todd also happens to be a conflict resolution specialist for the United Nations; as…

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I’m Just One Person; What Can I Do?

“I’m just one person; what can I do?” It’s a fairly common lament. We are often quick to assume that our individual efforts are not powerful enough to have an impact. The next time you think this, consider the case of Alexandra “Alex” Scott. Alex was born in 1996 and by the age…

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When Helping People, The Simplest Ideas Are The Best

During the past few years, I have frequently contemplated the issue of charitable giving. Every time there is a disaster of major proportion, we are called upon to donate. I listened to these pleas following 9/11 and the tsunami. Of late, the earthquake in China, the Myanmar cyclone, and the flooding along the…

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