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How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World Full Time

Perhaps the question I’m asked most often as a digital nomad is, “How much does it cost to travel the world full time?” It’s a question that, after 11 and a half years of traveling around the world, I am eminently qualified to answer, but up to this point have avoided. I began…

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From Digital Nomad to Expat – Putting Down Roots in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Eleven and a half years ago I set out to see the world. I was 54 years old at the time and had spent the last 36 years working at various jobs that had included, among other things, selling newspaper ads, managing a women’s department store, owning a public relations firm, and managing…

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Torn Between Worlds with No Clear Road Map

I am sitting in a Panera Restaurant in Atlanta, chowing down a Caersar’s Salad and bowl of creamy tomato soup, trying to figure out why I am so depressed. In late December I flew home from Peru to visit my family over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays but this time around circumstances…

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Finding the Right Plug for My Laptop and Other Technical Headaches Solved

As I prepared to move on to Thailand, my brain started clicking through checklists. Still possible to get a 30-day visa on arrival? Check. iPhone unlocked and ready for a foreign SIM cards for cheap overseas calls? Check. Adapter that would allow me to charge my electronics in Thailand? Um, no. These days,…

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