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Northern India – A Foodie’s Delight

My love for Indian food is second only to my love for Thai food, so when I was invited to visit Delhi, India, sampling traditional north Indian dishes was at the top of my must-do list. As luck would have it, I didn’t have far to go. The Gupta family, who own Prakash…

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VIDEO: Making Traditional Besan Ladoo Sweets for Diwali in Old Delhi, India

  Besan Ladoo is a popular sweet in northern India. It made from chickpea flour, sugar and ghee. The flour is browned in the ghee. When cooled, it is mixed with sugar and rolled into small balls. The men who make the balls by hand in this shop in Old Delhi are so…

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Rickshaw Ride Through the Streets of Old Delhi, India

I emerged from the warren of Old Delhi backstreets, bloated and exhausted. Bloated because my guide had insisted I sample all the best street food in Old Delhi. Exhausted because every few seconds, motorbikes roaring through the crowds willy-nilly had sent me scrambling for safety. Five hours after we’d first set foot in…

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VIDEO: Cycle Rickshaw Ride in Delhi, India

  One of the most efficient, and cheapest ways to get around India is to hire a cycle rickshaw. I did just that in Delhi when I was too exhausted to walk any more. Twenty minutes later, I hopped out at the entrance to the Metro and handed the driver the equivalent of…

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Overcoming Sensory Overload in Delhi, India

The bus braked suddenly, jolting me awake. I blinked rapidly, trying to reconcile the scene outside my window. Somewhere between Agra and Delhi, India, hundreds of sheep crossing the highway had brought us to a dead stop. Slender women draped from head to toe in black gauze walked gracefully among the animals, prodding them…

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Prakash Kutir Homestay – The Gold Standard of Bed and Breakfasts in Delhi, India

There’s a lot of chatter these days about cultural immersion and authentic travel experiences. One of the best ways to have such experiences is to stay in a local home or a B&B. I’ve traveled the world for the last ten years, staying in dozens of local homes, and I can tell you…

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