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The Rising Star of Hungary Is Its Cuisine

On a visit to Hungary two years ago, I struggled to find vegetarian food of any quality, much less good quality, but on my most recent visit I discovered that the country once known for uninteresting meat and potatoes dishes is fast becoming a food mecca. I began my review of the top…

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VIDEO: The Making of Traditional Hungarian Honey Cakes

    For most of his adult life, László Radics has been making traditional Hungarian honey cakes in his family’s home workshop in Debrecen, Hungary. In this video, he shows us how they are made, and explains a bit of the history behind honey cakes.

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PHOTO: Centuries-old Honey Cake Molds in Debrecen, Hungary

Click on above photo to view it in large format: Carved by hand, these wooden honey cake molds have been used to make the popular Hungarian cookies for hundreds of years in Debrecen, Hungary

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PHOTO: Packaging Honey Cakes in Debrecen, Hungary

Click on above photo to view it in large format: Preparing to package honey cakes, which have for generations been made by one family in Debrecen, Hungary

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Train to Debrecen

I am on a rickety train, inching my way to Debrecen from the tiny village of Panyola in eastern Hungary. We are picking up speed now – making headway at perhaps 20 miles per hour. The 60 mile journey will take nearly three hours, with stops at every small town along the way….

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