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How I Scored a Deeply Discounted Antarctic Cruise

Like any travel writer worth his or her salt, one of my life’s goals has been to visit all seven continents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the price of Antarctic cruises…until a couple of years ago, when I discovered the secret to scoring a cheap fare. If you’re in the same boat (no pun…

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Gas Saving One Tank Trips To Bed and Breakfasts

The next time you catch the travel bug and want to “wake up someplace special,” check out the offerings at BnBFinder.com. This top rated Bed and Breakfast search engine, which has been in business more than 10 years (almost an eternity in Internet terms), lists thousands of B&B’s in the U.S. and around…

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Repositioning Cruises – Great Deals

Last week I was having lunch with a couple of friends when the conversation turned to repositioning cruises. Not being familiar with the term, I asked them to tell me more. “They’re the absolute best cruise travel deals available!” my one friend insisted. And she proceeded to educate me. Some ships sail the…

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With Airfares Dropping, It May Pay To Rebook

Airfares have been dropping like a rock, with new specials being announced every day. Aside from the obvious money saving benefits, industry experts are offering two bits of advice that bear passing on: First, if you have already purchased airfare for this fall, check into re-booking. Normally, excessive change fees would wipe out…

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Secret Travel Deal

I want to tell you about the incredible fares being offered by Spirit Airlines when you join their $9 Fare Club. During the membership process, you are asked to select five preferred cities from the list of cities that the airline serves. At least once every six weeks, Spirit sends out emails offering…

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