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How I Scored a Deeply Discounted Antarctic Cruise

Like any travel writer worth his or her salt, one of my life’s goals has been to visit all seven continents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the price of Antarctic cruises…until a couple of years ago, when I discovered the secret to scoring a cheap fare. If you’re in the same boat (no pun…

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PHOTO: Young Artist in the Village of El Kab, Egypt

When our traditional dahabiya stopped for a visit in the small village of El Kab, Egypt, children flocked to the dock to sell their handmade baskets. This little girl, however, was more interested in drawing on a nearby stone wall with a piece of charcoal. Extracting myself from the fray, I wandered over…

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PHOTO: Children Sell Baskets Made of Candy Wrappers in El Kab, Egypt

Sailing the Nile River with Nour El Nil in a recreated traditional Dahabiya boat allowed us to put in at smaller sites that cannot be accessed by larger vessels. El Kab, a small village south of Luxor, Egypt, was one such site. In addition to visiting the ancient city of Nekheb, which is…

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A Cultural Immersion on Viking River’s Waterway of the Tsars Russian Cruise

Russia had intrigued me for years, but traveling solo in this vast land where few speak English had always seemed a daunting prospect. My recent trip to Berlin had not helped; a tour guide insisted that Russia was the only place on earth where the life expectancy was lower than it had been…

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