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Illinois in the Winter – Such a Delightful Place

The high temperature today in Illinois was MINUS one degree. This followed a night of sub-zero temps with wind gusts up to 35 mph. All night long, high winds roared across the frozen river outside my father’s house, tearing ice off the trees in the yard. Every so often the sound of ice…

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Beautiful Photos from Illinois Ice Storm

There is beauty in everything and last night’s ice storm was no exception. I braved the cold temperatures, slippery roads, and tree limbs crashing down all around me to capture these photos:

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Dog in Snow Video Proves that Some Like It Cold

If only I could be more like this dog in snow, I’d be a lot happier during my annual Christmas trip home to Illinois.

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What Is Up With All This Crazy Winter Weather?

Snow on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Not a regular occurrence, but it’s been known to happen. Three inches of snow in one day in Las Vegas, where they normally don’t get more than a half inch during an entire winter? Now that’s a bit strange. But when I heard it snowed…

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Freezing My Butt Off In Illinois

Brrrrrr. I repeat. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m at my Dad’s house, freezing my butt off. Overnight it dropped to 9 degrees. The cold temperatures, coupled with a stiff wind off the river, made it difficult to keep the house heated to much more than 70 degrees last night. I slept under a mountain of blankets….

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Back In Sarasota; Need Sunshine

It’s good to be home but would somebody please tell the weather gods that this is the South??? I came back to cold weather in Sarasota last night – it was only 28 degrees then and the high today was 55. Ridiculous! Thought I left this all behind me in North Carolina and Illinois.

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