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Home for the Holidays

I have come full circle. At the tender age of 17, I fled from my parents house, determined to make my way in the world according to my own rules. Now, 45 years later, I am back home again. Eight years ago I took a tremendous leap of faith and left my corporate…

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“El Caganer” – the Defecator – Hides in Christmas Nativities Across Catalonia, Spain

A couple of days after I wrote about “Caga Tio” – the traditional character made out of a rough-hewn log that is believed to “shit” presents in homes all over Catalonia, Spain on Christmas morning, I met up with my friend and fellow travel blogger, Isabel Romano in Barcelona. She and her significant…

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Tradition of the Caga Tio (Shitting Log) in Catalonia, Spain

He was a cute little guy wearing an oversize traditional Catalán red hat. From his place on the countertop of  St. Christopher’s Inns Hostel in Barcelona, his raised eyebrows and big black eyes stared at me with an expression of perpetual surprise. His front legs, just a couple of twigs stuck into a…

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A Gift and a Wish on Christmas Eve

This inspirational Christmas video, sung by award-winning inspirational artists Wayne Burton and Jenny Jordan Frogley, so beautifully expresses what I wish for everyone in the coming year and beyond. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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A Moving Display Of Holiday Lights In Dunedin, Florida

With a nickname like the Sunshine State, it may seem odd that Florida is home to so many holiday events. From the annual St. Augustine Christmas Parade, to Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami, to the myriad of Christmas events in Orlando, Florida is a literal hotbed (no pun intended) of holiday festivals. While…

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Wordless Wednesday – Christmas In Florida

Can’t get in the Christmas spirit without snow on the ground? How about a snowman made from the pure white sand on Siesta Key Beach. Classic Christmas in Florida!

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