Why Foreigners in Thailand Should Wear a Face Mask During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Wear a Face Mask During the COVID-19 Outbreak

There’s a controversy brewing here in Thailand. In a nutshell, Thais are becoming increasingly upset about farang (Caucasian foreigners) who refuse to wear a face mask during the COVID-19 outbreak. For Thais, the decision to wear a mask is easy. Thai culture (and that of most Asian cultures), places the good of society above the … Read more

What it’s Like to Live in Thailand During the COVID-19 Outbreak

For the past 13+ years I’ve traveled the world to bring my readers stories about far-flung places. Eight of those years were spent traveling with no home base, just me and my suitcase, going from country to country and city to city. As many of my readers know, about three years ago I decided I … Read more

Consecrating my Bronze Buddha Statue in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Phrapalad Thanwa reads from Buddhist scriptures during the Buddha statue consecration ceremony

For years, I’d been searching for a bronze Buddha statue to place on my home altar. I knew the pose I preferred, the one known as Calling The Earth to Witness. It depicts Buddha sitting with legs crossed in full lotus position, left hand resting in his lap palm upward and right hand resting on … Read more

PHOTO: Thailand’s Traditional King Ka-La Dance

Traditional King Ka-La Dance is performed during the Umbrella Festival in Bo Sang Village in northern Thailand

Decked out in spectacular fan-shaped costumes, a troupe of Thai dancers at the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival performed the traditional King Ka-La folk dance. Their mincing steps and fluttering arms so perfectly mimicked the movements of birds that I seriously thought they might take flight. Traditional dance is an important cultural art form in Thailand, … Read more

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival in Northern Thailand

Artist paints a giant handmade paper umbrella at the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival

Across Thailand, thousands of small craft villages dot the landscape. Each one specializes in the manufacture of a particular handicraft. Especially in northern Thailand, the choices seem endless. In tiny Ban Ton Pao in northern Thailand, everyone in the villages is involved in the production of handmade paper from Mulberry bark. In nearby Baan Tawai, … Read more