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And the Winner Is…A Very Interesting Twist to the Save Elephant Foundation Benefit

A few weeks ago, in celebration of my seven year anniversary of blogging, I joined with a couple dozen other travel bloggers to raise funds for Save Elephant Foundation. The organization provides for the care of 38 elephants at Elephant Nature Park, who have been so badly injured or abused that they cannot…

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Scratching My Seven Year Itch at Elephant Nature Park

Half a dozen elephants wandered around the compound as I dug into my delicious vegetarian lunch at Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand. Earlier that day I’d fed and walked among many of the 37 elephants that the park had rescued from circuses, logging operations, and street begging, but at the moment I…

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How to Help Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Survivors by Giving to Japanese Organizations

My friend Todd Wassel was on the ground in Japan during the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami, visiting his wife’s family. Although his family was all safe and sound, they watched the news reports in horror as the tragedy unfolded. Todd also happens to be a conflict resolution specialist for the United Nations; as…

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Paid Voluntourism and Volunteering Scams in Nepal

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Paying to Volunteer - Scam or Legitimate Social Program?

My life changed for the better when I deserted corporate America to pursue my true passions of travel, writing and photography but over the past few years I’ve often felt there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. There was something more I was meant to do; I just wasn’t sure what…

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Best Kept Travel Secrets eBook Launch

Back in November 2009, the folks at Tripbase had a clever idea. They picked several of their favorite travel bloggers and challenged them to write about their three best travel secrets. Those initial bloggers each had to “tag” three more travel bloggers to do likewise, and so on. What was originally intended as…

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