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I Don’t Fit A Mold

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who’d recently been shopping for new bras. Because she hadn’t been professionally fitted for a number of years, she went to an upscale department store, where the saleswomen are trained to measure for the proper size and shape bra. The saleswoman told my friend that a…

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Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

For many years people asked me how I could function in business without wearing a watch. Recently, it occurred to me that no one has questioned my refusal to wear a watch for quite a long time, and so I began checking out people to see how many were wearing watches. I must…

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When Helping People, The Simplest Ideas Are The Best

During the past few years, I have frequently contemplated the issue of charitable giving. Every time there is a disaster of major proportion, we are called upon to donate. I listened to these pleas following 9/11 and the tsunami. Of late, the earthquake in China, the Myanmar cyclone, and the flooding along the…

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AT&T Online Payment Practices Result In Undisclosed Banking Fees For Debit Card Users

During the last two months I have been trying to find out why I am being charged erroneous ATM fees by my bank. Last month my statement showed a “foreign ATM transaction fee,” which normally would result if I had withdrawn money using an ATM that was not owned by my bank. When…

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Proof That Cell Phones Are Dangerous To Your Health?

Check out this video of four friends testing the theory that their cell phones can actually be used to pop popcorn. If our phones are emitting strong enough microwaves to do this, what are they doing to our brains when we hold them up to our ear? I think I will be using…

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Hi-Tech Japanese Barcodes

The Japanese are so far ahead of us in electronics that it’s positively scary. These two-dimensional barcodes, called QR Codes, are their newest twist on futuristic technology. Developed in 1994, the codes were originally developed to track parts in vehicle manufacturing. Today they appear in magazine ads, flyers, signs, buses, business cards –…

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