Visiting Armenia, An Unexpectedly Delightful Experience

Cafesjian Sculpture Garden at the foot of the Cascade in Yerevan is a must when visiting Amenia

They say timing is everything. Certainly, timing was my main consideration when visiting Armenia. Truthfully, the three countries that make up the Caucasus region in far eastern Europe were on my radar for one reason. I’d read several stories by travel writers who were totally smitten by the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, but otherwise I … Read more

Tbilisi, Georgia – I Was Unimpressed

The Clock Tower and Gabriadze Cafe in Old Town is one of the most touted things to do in Tbilisi, despite the fact that it is only a few years old

For the past few years, my fellow travel writers have been waxing poetic about Tbilisi, the capital of the of country of Georgia. This tiny nation, hampered with a name that is often confused with the State of Georgia in the U.S., was suddenly being added to everyone’s wish list. For decades, Georgia was virtually … Read more