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Southwest Introduces New Green Plane to Fleet

Southwest Airlines has always been one of my favorite carriers, a position which was recently reinforced when they refused to charge the onerous $100 checked luggage fee being levied by other airlines. My confidence in Southwest escalated another notch today when I learned a “green plane” is being added to their fleet. Environmentally…

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Solar Rickshaw Is Unveiled In India

As I drive from the southern border of our great country to the northern, I am painfully aware of my carbon footprint. Although I am somewhat comforted that my car gets 30 miles to the gallon, and that when I am home in Sarasota I walk everywhere, it doesn’t change the fact that…

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You Buy Bottled Water WHY?

When I moved to Florida a number of people warned me against drinking the tap water. Their mantra was, “Drink only bottled water!” One friend pointed out that because Florida is one of the country’s largest agricultural states, the aquifer was almost certainly contaminated with runoff pesticides. I have mixed feelings about bottled…

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Buying Local – Not As Easy As You Think

The older (or should I say more mature) I get, the more interest I have in environmental issues. Since moving to Sarasota I’ve become a fan of the Saturday morning Downtown Farmer’s Market, where local organic and traditional farmers sell fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Not only does everything that I buy here taste…

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Virgin Air Works To Reduce Carbon Footprint With Coconut Oil Fuel

I love to travel. But every time I get on an airplane I know that my carbon footprint gets bigger. What exactly is a carbon footprint? It’s the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide – the man-made gas that is responsible for global warming and the greenhouse effect – that is emitted…

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