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Celebrating Makha Bucha Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand

It may have been nearly 14 months since I’ve been able to travel internationally, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting at home here in Chiang Mai. I’ve taken advantage of COVID travel restrictions to do something that’s long been on my to-do list: delve more deeply into Buddhism. Even though I embraced…

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Consecrating my Bronze Buddha Statue in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For years, I’d been searching for a bronze Buddha statue to place on my home altar. I knew the pose I preferred, the one known as Calling The Earth to Witness. It depicts Buddha sitting with legs crossed in full lotus position, left hand resting in his lap palm upward and right hand…

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PHOTO: Auspicious Buddhist Symbols on the Roof of Phuntsoling Monastery in Tibet

On day seven of my overland journey through Tibet, we turned off the main highway and followed a narrow lane to the remote Phuntsoling Monastery. This little-known monastery was built in 1615 by great master Jonang Taranatha. He espoused the concept of Shentong, a hard-to-grasp ideology based on the idea that the Buddha-mind…

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VIDEO: The Famous Debating Monks of Tibet

They lunged, red robes flying and prayer beads swinging. They clapped hands loudly in the faces of their partners. Forefingers shook in front of noses and voices were raised. This sea of red-robed monks were gathered in a courtyard of Sera Monastery in Tibet for a daily ritual known as the monastic debate.

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Down and Out in Bodh Gaya, India

It started with a single shiver. In the 90 degree temperatures of Bodh Gaya, India, I suddenly felt chilled. I pulled my sweatshirt jacket close and snuggled into it. A few moments later, my whole body was wracked by a second shiver. My teeth began to chatter and my skin grew cold and…

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PHOTO: Mahabodhi Temple, the Most Important Buddhist Pilgrimage Site in the World

Click on title to view photo in large format. Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India, is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world. The original temple that stood upon this site in Bodh Gaya was erected by Emperor Asoka in the 3rd century B.C. to mark the spot where Buddha attained enlightenment….

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