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Hungary Grapples With Its World War II History

Kiraly Street is the new mecca for the younger generation in Budapest. By day shoppers frequent its upscale boutiques, coffee shops, and designer outlets. After dark it hops with nightlife, offering restaurants with multi-ethnic cuisine, ruin pubs, and entertainment venues. It is the new place to see and be seen. But few realize…

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PHOTO: St. Stephen’s Basilica and Square, Budapest, Hungary

Street leading to St. Stephen’s Basilica and Square, considered the heart of Budapest, Hungary

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PHOTO: Bronze Jester on the Duna Corso in Budapest, Hungary

Bronze jester perches on the tramway railing along the Duna Corso, the Danube River promenade in Budapest, Hungary

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The Rising Star of Hungary Is Its Cuisine

On a visit to Hungary two years ago, I struggled to find vegetarian food of any quality, much less good quality, but on my most recent visit I discovered that the country once known for uninteresting meat and potatoes dishes is fast becoming a food mecca. I began my review of the top…

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PHOTO: Gardens at the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

Lavender blooms in the gardens at the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest

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PHOTO: Jewish Shoes Sculpture in Budapest, Hungary

Shoes on the Danube Bank sculpture in Budapest, Hungary memorializes Jews who were shot and dumped in the river by Nazis during World War II

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