The Chef Who Kisses Fish

Chef Xavier Arrey kisses a beautiful fresh-caught bonito destined for our dinner table

Our group clustered around Chef Xavier Arrey in the busy market, intent on learning as much as possible about the fresh local ingredients available in the Catalonia region of Spain. Through our headsets, he spoke to each of us in the language we understood – to me in Spanish, to another in Catalan, a third … Read more

From Hiking Volcanoes to Mouthwatering Cuisine, Catalonia, Spain Has it All

Coal Gastonomy Association Romances Meal in interior courtyard of San Vicenz Church

From the outset, I knew I was in trouble in Costa Brava, Spain. Not only did I love the people, architecture, and scenery, I loved the food! As if conspiring to pierce my Achilles heel, Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board, the main sponsor and host of the Travel Blog Exchange Conference I had come to … Read more

Breakfast at a 700 Year-Old Catalonian Farm

Traditional Catalonian beakfast at 700 year-old Can Dionis farm in northeast Spain

I could see the question on the faces of the owners of Agroturisme Sant Dionis, a 700-year old farm that has been converted into a homestay in Catalonia, Spain as we sat down around a long table set up in their inner courtyard. How do you get a group of travel writers to put down … Read more

The Secret to Catalonia’s Delicious Organic Yogurt? Happy Cows!

Sampling the delicious organic Biogust yogurt from Granja la Selvatana in Campllong, Spain

Ana Serra never thought she would end up being a dairy farmer. Like many kids who grow up in the country, after finishing her education she left her family’s farm in rural Catalonia, Spain for a career in the city. In 1987, stressed out by the demands of business, she and her husband, Alfons Mir, … Read more

Staying in a Wimdu Vacation Rental Apartment in Girona, Spain – a More Comfortable, Affordable Way to Travel

Full kitchen was the nicest feature of our Wimdu apartment in Girona, Spain

By the time I finally arrived in Spain from Lanai, Hawaii, I’d flown on five different planes, ridden in a taxi between La Guardia and JFK airports in New York City, and taken two trains. I’d been traveling for 41 hours straight and was dead tired, but the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Conference I was … Read more