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Love at First Bite in Dijon, France

Talk about a tease! Florence Bucciacchio, my host from the Dijon Tourism Office began my gastronomic tourism exploration of Dijon, France, with a visit to the Les Halles Market, but she wouldn’t let me buy anything. “I’ve booked lunch for us at one of two Michelin Star restaurants in our city, and I…

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PHOTO: Stone-paved Streets and Medieval Houses of Beaune, France

Walking through the old stone fortifications that once surrounded Beaune, France, is like riding a time machine back to the Middle Ages. Ancient masonry facades, stone lintels, and colorful wooden shutters adorn the medieval houses of Beaune. Millions of footsteps have polished the stone-paved streets to a high sheen. Drainage gutters still run…

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PHOTO: Hotel Dieu in Beaune, France, a 15th Century Hospital for the Poor

I stepped into the inner courtyard of the Hotel Dieu in Beaune, France, and stopped in my tracks. Across the brick-paved courtyard, half-timbered butter yellow walls soared to gable roofs covered in multi-color polychrome tiles. This was like no hospital I’d ever seen. Hotel Dieu, which translates literally to hospital in English, is…

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