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All Aboard The Dune Rider

When the Dune Rider pulled up to my hotel at 7 a.m. I knew that this was not going to be your typical tour. This purpose-built, four-wheel drive, air conditioned Mercedes coach sat atop giant tires designed to negotiate the quicksand streams of 90-Mile Beach, traverse rocky outcrops, and barrel through surf on…

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Auckland, New Zealand – City Of Sails

I like Auckland. This has come as somewhat of a surprise to me, because everything I read about this city said not to waste time on it. From the members of Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum to the residents of the city itself, the consensus is that there is nothing to do in…

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What Kiwis Really Think Of Mr. Bush

If you’re at all curious what New Zealanders think of American politics, take a look at this President Bush billboard, which spans a railroad viaduct over a major highway in Auckland: If you’re having trouble reading it, the captions on the photos are as follows: HISTORY (Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston) SPORT (A…

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Sticker And Other Shocks

I dragged myself off the plane after a 12-hour sleepless overnight flight from Bangkok. Bleary-eyed, I followed the signs to New Zealand’s Immigration and Customs, steeling myself for the usual interminable check-in process. I turned the final corner into the Immigration hall and was greeted by a smiling woman at the entrance to…

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